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July 2014 rotas

The Duty Solicitor scheme lists are published in firm alphabetical order for 14 July 2014 rotas. (Use CTRL F to search your firm name)

Please check your firm’s list of duty solicitors and schemes. If the list contains incorrect information, email us at dutysolqueries@legalaid.gsi.gov.uk with the details.

We cannot now accept any new requests for changes.

We must have all feedback in writing. If you call to notify us of any errors we'll ask to confirm by email. This is to retain a record of the information. Please allow us time to investigate issues raised. The deadline for any feedback is Monday 26 May at 5pm. Any feedback received after this time will be looked into, but may not be taken into account on the forthcoming rotas.

Duty solicitors list for July 2014

July 2014 to January 2015 rotas

Please find below the next Duty Solicitor rota’s, which run  from 14 July 2014 to the 13 January 2015.  All feedback and comments should be sent to dutysolqueries@legalaid.gsi.gov.uk.

Rotas A-D
Rotas E-M
Rotas N-S
Rotas T-Z
Virtual Court  

January to July 2014 rotas

Please find below the next Duty Solicitor rota’s, which run  from 14 January 2014 to 13 July 2014.  All feedback and comments should be sent to dutysolqueries@legalaid.gsi.gov.uk.

Rotas A-C
Rotas D-H
Rotas I-O
Rotas P-S
Rotas T-Z
London Courts
London Police
Virtual Court Rotas 

Changes in circumstances

Specification A within the 2010 Standard Crime Contract states:

6.40 You must notify us immediately in any of the following circumstances:

(a) if a Duty Solicitor gives formal notice of leaving or leaves your employment as a Duty Solicitor;

(b) if any of your Duty Solicitors are under investigation for or have been charged with a criminal offence;

(e) a failure to notify us under Paragraph 6.40(a) which results in additional Rota Duty Slots being allocated to you to the detriment of the other members of the Scheme will result in an equivalent reduction in the number of Duty Slots being allocated to you when the next Rota is drawn up.

Postcode tool

This tool allows you to search for your firm and shows which duty solicitor schemes your firm is eligible for, based on your office post code or borough.

Postcode tool


For questions about duty solicitor membership contact the duty solicitor team in Nottingham.

Email dutysolqueries@legalaid.gsi.gov.uk.

Telephone 0115 908 4918

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