Funding and costs assessment

On these pages you can find information on costs assessment, general billing guidance and the Funding Code.

You can find more specific guidance, and information on fee schemes under civil or crime areas of work.


Narrative and guidance: legal aid

The 'Narrative and guidance: legal aid’ document contains an explanation of certain aspects of legal aid. Topics covered include:

  • prior authorities (including authorities for counsel and experts in Children Act cases)
  • funding for cases outside England and Wales

Narrative and guidance: legal aid

The Legal Aid Agency is producing a revised version of its ‘Paying for your Civil Legal Aid’ leaflet which legal aid providers should give to all clients applying for civil legal aid. 

In the interim, legal aid providers should print out the paying for your civil legal document below for clients with civil legal problems.

'Paying for your civil legal aid'

Costs assessment guidance

The costs assessment guidance applies to work governed by both the 2010 Standard Civil Contract and the 2013 Standard Civil Contract, however, there is a separate version for each contract.

Costs assessment guidance - For use with 2013 Standard Contract.

Costs assessment guidance - For use with 2010 Standard Contract.

Statutory Charge guidance

The statutory charge manual is designed for caseworkers making statutory charge decisions. 

Statutory Charge Manual (PDF) 

Electronic Handbook

The electronic handbook is a supplemental resource designed for caseworkers which reflects current processes and guidance.

Electronic Handbook (PDF) 


Criminal Bills Assessment Manual 

This manual sets out our approach to costs assessment where work is undertaken in the magistrates' court under a representation order. The guidance is applied when assessing non standard fee claims and for costs compliance audits on fee claims.

Criminal Bills Assessment Manual 

Legal Services Commission


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