Make an application

Information on how to make a:

  • Civil application
    Forms and guidance required to make an application for legal aid in civil cases.
  • Crime application
    Forms and guidance required for making an application under the criminal legal aid scheme.
  • Crime eForm
    Guidance and information on making an application using eForm (CRM14). The eForm is currently available in ‘Early Adopter Areas’ in the North East and from 3 June 2013 in Essex

Where to send your forms

Where to send civil work

Further information about making an application

Civil change guidance (PDF)

Fair processing notice (PDF)

Forms version list (PDF)

Notice of issue of certificate (PDF)

Notice of issue of extension or amendment (PDF)

Notice of withdrawal (PDF)

Applying for emergency applications in Judicial Review (PDF)

Civil casework email enquiries (PDF)

Legal Services Commission


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