Family Advocacy Scheme: final hearing claims

Monday, 1 July 2013

Change to rules on claims when more than one counsel attends on different days

The rules on more than one counsel attending on different days of a final hearing under the Family Advocacy Scheme have been changed.

We would like to confirm that counsel can now submit claims on an individual basis for the days that they have attended at a final hearing.

The guidance has been rewritten following a review sparked by discussions at Family Reject training sessions about final hearing claims.

Past interpretation

In the past the guidance has been interpreted in a way that prevented more than one counsel submitting individual claims.

Instead, the advocate completing the hearing would make the claim for the whole of the final hearing.

He or she would then allocate out a fair proportion of the fee obtained to other advocate (s) who had also taken part.

Under the revised guidance this requirement has been removed.

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