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Contracted Work & Administration (CWA) is available through the LAA online portal. It is the billing system which contains all providers' contracts and schedules.

All claims for controlled work must be submitted via CWA.

Functions of CWA

CWA is an electronic billing service, which:

  • allows providers to make monthly submissions online, either using the bulkload process or by entering claims line by line 
  • calculates fees, indicating ‘exceptional’ cases 
  • validates submissions, making it easier to accurately report case outcomes and submit claims 
  • has an electronic notification system through which information is sent on key activities relevant to contracts
  • a facility for System Administrators to create and maintain users

Accessing CWA

To access CWA log in to the LAA online portal.

 You will need:

  • username
  • password.

Registering for the service

All contracted provider offices are set up in CWA, with at least one person registered to use the service. All registered users will have been sent a username and password by email. 

If you are not registered to use CWA your System Administrator can provide you with a username and password.

For further details on how to log on to the system for the first time, please read our quick guide to logging in and resetting your password.

Choosing user roles

There are five active user roles to choose from. The following two documents explain user roles.

  • User roles explained - provides a description for each user role
  • User roles: which role do I need? - takes you through a process which helps you to choose the right role for your business needs.
User roles explained

User roles: which role do I need?

Creating a new user

To create a new user, please see:
  • Section 4: Administration (User Guide 4 Admin)

on the Detailed user guides page.

Updates to reporting changes

These documents summarise changes in reporting civil legal help, and crime lower work. 

Guide to the crime fee changes (March 2014) 

Guide to changes in reporting civil legal help work (March 2013)

Guide to changes in reporting crime lower work (March 2013)

Guide to system changes (October 2013)

Amendments to claims already submitted

You can submit CWA claim amendments directly by email at –

Claim amendment process

  1. Complete the claim amendment spreadsheet, ensuring all relevant fields have been populated.
  2. Email it to 
    Please indicate in the subject of the email the name and account number of the provider.
  3. Once the claim amendment has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent to the provider and copied to the contract manager for information.

Points to note:

  1. Incomplete or incorrect requests will be rejected and returned with an explanation. You must add missing or revised information and resubmit the spreadsheet as a fresh request.
  2. For change requests of more than one line, claims that have not been amended will be highlighted with an explanation. Further information in relation to these claims should be resubmitted as a fresh request.
  3. When completing the spreadsheet include the net revised cost (not gross)
  4. Only include the costs and codes to be amended (not all the costs and codes of the claim)
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure that cost and code combinations within revised claims are compatible. Incompatible cost and code combinations will result in the request being rejected.
  6. The external claim amendment spreadsheets have been updated to reflect the changes made for reporting welfare benefit cases from September 2013. These should be used immediately for all amendment requests. 
Please note that we will stop accepting older versions from 4th November 2013.  

The guidance below explains the process in more detail.

Mediation (civil) CWA amendment request form

Civil CWA amendment request form

Crime CWA amendment request form

PA claim amendments - provider guidance

Reporting fields for magistrates’ court standard fees

Representation order date

A new field enables you to report the representation order date. This additional information should already be held for each case, as it will be on the representation order issued by the court.

You will need to complete this field for all Crime Lower outcomes with a claim code of

  • PROE
  • PROF
  • PROJ
  • PROK or;
  • PROL

It must be completed from the October submission (entered to CWA between 1 & 20 November) onwards, regardless of when the case started.

For all cases with a representation order on or after 3 October 2011, you must also report the standard fee category for that claim.

This additional information will help the LAA to validate claims correctly and will give us better information about the length of cases in the magistrate’s court, enabling us to forecast more accurately.

Support and contact

For help using our online system read our detailed user guides and quick guides.

CWA has a dedicated Online Support team. If you have a specific query, please contact us.

0203 334 6664 (Mon - Fri from 09:00 – 17:30) 

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