Prison Service Instructions (PSIs)

There are a number of rules, regulations and guidelines by which prisons are run. These are outlined in Prison Service Instructions (PSIs).

All Prison Service operating instructions are published as PSIs. They have a fixed expiry date.

PSI Numerical Index 1997 - 2009 (PDF 0.55mb)

PSI and AI Numerical List 2009 onwards (PDF 0.23mb)

Subject Index (PDF 0.13mb) 

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01/2015 - The Allocation of prisoners liable to deportation or removal from the United Kingdom (PDF 0.70mb)

02/2015 - Prison service library (PDF 0.17mb)

03/2015 Sentence calculation - determinate sentenced prisoners (PDF 1.1mb)

04/2015 Rehabilitation services custody (PDF 0.14mb)

05/2015 Reconsideration of NOMS central vetting decision by exception (PDF 0.70mb)

06/2015 Policy organisation and summary arrangements for the management of health and safety (PDF 0.27mb)

07/2015 Early days in custody (PDF 0.41mb)

08/2015 Permanent resettlement outside England and Wales of offenders subject to post-release supervision (PDF 0.18mb)

09/2015 The Identification, Initial Categorisation and Management of Potential and Provisional Category A / Restricted Status Prisoners (PDF 0.09mb)

10/2015 Management  and Security of Escape List (E-List) Prisoners (PDF 0.12mb)

11/2015 Fire Safety in Prison Establishments (PDF 0.15mb)

12/2015 Licence conditions, licences and licence and supervision notices (PDF 0.29mb) 

13/2015 Release on temporary licence (DOC) 

12/2015 - Licence conditions, licences and licence and supervision notices (DOC) 

14/2015 Disposal of prisoners' unauthorised property (PDF 0.72mb) 

15/2015 - Adult social care (DOC 1.7mb)

16/2015 - Adult safeguarding in prison (PDF 0.21mb)

17/2015 - Prisoners assisting other prisoners (PDF 0.19mb)

21/2015 Unauthorised possession within prisons of knives and other offensive weapons (PDF 0.22mb)

27/2015 - Open source research (PDF 0.31mb)


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