Prison Service Instructions 2012

There are a number of rules, regulations and guidelines by which prisons are run. These are outlined in Prison Service Instructions (PSIs) and Prison Service Orders (PSOs).

From 1 August 2009, all Prison Service operating instructions are published as PSIs. They have a fixed expiry date. Prior to 1 August 2009, PSIs were issued to convey short term instructions or amendments to PSOs and had a maximum validity of 12 months.

PSI Numerical Index 1997 - 2009 (PDF 0.55mb)

PSI and AI Numerical List 2009 onwards (PDF 0.23mb)

Subject Index (PDF 0.13mb)

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AI 11/2012 - Financial approval of change initiatives (DOC 0.29mb)

44/2012 - Security passes (DOC 0.13mb)

42/2012 - Close supervision centre referral manual (DOC 0.80mb)

32/2012 - Open University unclassified (DOC 1mb)

2012-29 - The Instruction System - The Approval and Implementation of Policy and Instructions (DOC 0.29mb)

2012-28 - NOMS Pay Manual (PDF 0.60mb)

2012-28 - NOMS Pay Policy (DOC 0.15mb)

2012-25 - Data gateway: Approval of Data Collections unclassified (DOC 0.22mb)

2012-23 - CHIS unclassified version (DOC 0.15mb)

2012-22 - Intelligence - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act: covert surveillance (DOC 0.55mb)

2012-21 - Release on temporary licence (ROTL) (DOC 0.17mb)

2012-17 - Certified Prisoner Accommodation (DOC 1.8mb)

2012-15 - Travel & subsistence (DOC 0.55mb)

2012-14 - Implementation of the Service Specification for “Manage the Sentence: Pre and Post Release from Custody” (DOC 0.55mb)

2012-10 - Conveyance and possession of prohibited items and other related offences (DOC 0.86mb)

2012-09 - Implementation of the service specification for bail services (DOC 0.22mb)

2012-08 - Care and management of young people (DOC 1mb)

2012-07 - Implementation of the Deliver Accredited Programmes Specification (DOC 0.18mb)

2012-06 - Prisoner employment, training and skills (DOC 4mb - very large file)

2012-05 - Process for Opening, Closing or Re-Designating Industrial Workshops (including charity workshops) and Laundries

2012-04 - Enablers of services in prisons (DOC 0.16mb)

2012-03 - Activity allocation (DOC 0.11mb)

2012-01 - Manage prisoner finance (DOC 0.21mb)

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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