Prison Service Instructions 2014

02/2014 Policy on performance management (PDF 0.28mb)

04/2014 Acquisition of communications data (PDF 0.07mb)

05/2014 Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults (PDF 0.20mb)

06/2014 Use of force in the young people's estate (PDF 0.13mb)

06/2014 Use of force form (xls 0.30mb)

06/2014 Use of force form part 2 (doc 0.12mb)

07/2014 Security vetting (PDF 0.25mb)

10/2014 Changes to NOMS ill health retirement referrals (PDF 0.64mb)

11/2014 Induction probationary period (PDF 0.15mb)

12/2014 Government Secure Classification (GSC) policy (PDF 0.26 mb)

14/2014 Case allocation (PDF 0.25mb)

15/2014 Serious Assaults (PDF 0.46 mb)

17/2014 - Trade union facilities (DOC)

19/2014 - Sentence planning (PDF 0.19)

21/2014 Data gateway service: Approval of data collections (PDF 0.16mb)

22/2014 Research applications (PDF 0.26mb)

23/2014 Prison-NOMIS (Prison National Offender Management Information System) (PDF 0.53mb)

25/2014 IT security policy (PDF 0.36mb)

27/2014 Security vetting – additional risk criteria for ex-offenders working in prison and community settings (PDF 0.46mb)

28/2014 NOMS performance hub data quality policy (PDF 0.17mb)

29/2014 Release on licence for foreign national prisoners pending deportation (PDF 0.30mb)

32/2014 Drug appointment and drug testing for licence conditions and post-sentence supervision requirements (PDF 0.16mb)

34/2014 - Offender risk information to Home Office immigration enforcement (DOC)

36/2014 Polygraph Examinations (PDF 0.17mb)

37/2014 Eligibility for open conditions and for ROTL of prisoners subject to deportation proceedings

39/2014 Using offenders as mentors in the community and in custody (PDF 0.16mb)

40/2014 – PI 56/2014 - Mandatory use of ViSOR

41/2014 Risk escalation (PDF 0.41mb)

42/2014 – PI 60/2014 - Vetting function: exclusion of personnel on grounds of misconduct

46/2014 Crown copyright and licences (PDF 0.30mb)

49/2014 Mother & Baby Units (PDF 0.49mb)

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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