Payments in

Payments in to the Court Funds Office are normally made using a CFO 100 together with a sealed copy of the Order and a cheque made payable to the "Accountant General of the Senior Courts".

If payment in is as a result of a plea of defence setting up tender, a sealed copy of the claim form and a copy of the Defence is required together with the CFO 100 and cheque.

Payment in respect of a Child's case

Payment in respect of an existing Court of Protection case

If you are paying in for any other reason, such as a refund of monies paid out in error, please send CFO 100 and cheque together with a covering letter explaining why payment is being made.  If this is in response to a letter from the Court Funds Office, please ensure you quote the name of the person who sent the letter.

How to make a payment

To make a payment in requires a CFO 100.

At the top of the CFO 100, you must give the name of the county court in which the claim is proceeding.  If the claim is in the High Court you must give the name of the District Registry and specify the Division of the High Court, i.e Queen’s Bench, Chancery, Admiralty or Family in which the claim is proceeding.

You must then complete one of the boxes marked 1, 2 and 3.

Box 1 must be completed when funds are paid into court pursuant to a court order. A sealed copy of the order must be provided with the form. A Lodgment under order (where a sealed copy of the order is not supplied) will only be accepted if sealed and endorsed by the court, next to the order date on the CFO 100.

Box 2 should only be completed if the defendant is paying money into court in support of a defence of tender. A sealed copy of the claim form and a copy of the defence should be submitted with the form.

Box 3 should only be completed when none of the other boxes is applicable, such as in the case of a refund of an over-payment.

The form must be signed and dated by the person making the payment into court. You must also include your name and address and reference and those of the other side(s) or their solicitor(s) if they have one.

Where to send the payment

The payment, completed form and other documents must be sent to:

Court Funds office
G58 1AB

or by the DX system:

Court Funds office DX: 501757 Cowglen

Do not send or take payments to the court – they will not be accepted.

Cheques must be dated within 6 months and be made payable to:

‘Accountant General of the Senior Courts'

Court Funds Office


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