The CFO issue's statements to clients twice a year.  This happens in spring (April/May) for all CFO clients and autumn (October/November) for all Court of Protection clients and children's cases where the CFO holds funds of more than £100,000.  The statement will show the value of the money in the account, and any transactions that have taken place on the account up to the date the statement was issued.  

Statements may be requested in writing at anytime outside of these dates.  They do not show the value of any equity investments.

We also issues tax vouchers, which will show how much interest has been added to the account during its existence. These may be required when preparing a tax return.  Where interest has accrued on the account, tax vouchers will be included with the statements issued in May, when accounts close or when requested by clients.
We can send statements and tax vouchers only if we have the correct name and address details for our clients.

Included with the statement is a letter with a return of address form at the bottom.  Please keep this in a safe place and use it to notify us of any change of address.  It is important that we are kept updated with any changes of address or other personal details to ensure that the 6 monthly statements can be issued.

Each May, green tax vouchers, which should be used when calculating any income tax for child or Court of Protection account holders, will be sent with the statement.  For more information on Income Tax please contact your local HM Revenue and Customs office .

If you have difficulty understanding a statement, please contact one of our Customer Services Helpline advisors who will be happy to offer assistance.

How to request your statement

You can a request a statement by writing to us or by calling our customer services helpline.  We will endevour to process your request within 48 hours.  You can also request statements by e-mailing customer services.

If you request your statement over the telephone, we can only send the statement to the address details we hold on our system.

If you have moved address and would like to request a statement, please write to us stating your old address and giving us full details of your new address.  We can then send you a statement

Further information

Court Funds Office statements frequently asked questions (PDF 0.5mb)

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