Making a claim

If you believe you are entitled to an unclaimed fund, the claimant must show evidence that they are entitled to all or part of the fund. The claimant must prove this to the satisfaction of the Court that dealt with the case (the Court of Origin).

The Court Funds Office cannot pay out any money from the fund until the Court of Origin makes an Order for payment.

The main sources of evidence are

  • Orders of the High Court and County  Court
  • Wills, probates and letters of administration
  • Birth, marriage and death registers
  • Census returns

Orders of the Court

Chancery orders up to 1955 are kept at the National Archives(NA) in Kew London.  If  your order was made before 1955, the NA will require you, or someone on your behalf, to do the search (other institutions may do this for you, for a fee). Before contact the NA or other institutions, you will need to supply as much detail as possible relating to the Order, obtained from the Court Funds Office.

Chancery Division

For Chancery Orders less than 30 years old write to:

Court Funds Liaison Officer,
Chancery Chambers,
Thomas More Building,
Royal Courts of Justice,

Fees will be payable.

For Chancery Orders over 30 years old:

Orders up to 1955 are kept at:

National Archives,
Ruskin Avenue,

Orders from 1955-1966 were destroyed in error. After 1966, orders were placed on case files, and only a small sample of these has been kept for each year.
The NA expects you to do your own research. You will need identification to get a reader's ticket (driving licence or bank card: passport if you are not a UK citizen). The NA leaflet Chancery Proceedings: Equity Suits after 1558, is available by post or on This NA website also lists independent researchers whom you can employ to research for you.

Court of Protection

Write to:

Protection Division
Public Guardianship Office,
Archway Tower,
2 Junction Road,
N19 5SZ. 

Companies Court (including winding-up proceedings)

Write to:

Companies Court,
Thomas More Building,
Royal Courts of Justice,

Family Division

Write to the:

Principal Registry of the Family Division,
First Avenue House,
42-49 High Holborn,

Court Funds Office


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