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NOMS Equalities statement

NOMS is committed to fairness for all. We treat our staff properly and ensure equality of opportunity. We deliver our services fairly and respond to individual needs. We insist on respectful and decent behaviour from staff, offenders and others with whom we work. We recognise that discrimination, harassment and bullying can nevertheless occur and we take prompt and appropriate action whenever we discover them.

NOMS Equalities Annual Report

The Equalities Annual Report 2011/12 includes the equalities monitoring data that we have on staff and offenders, as well as a description of the work we have done in pursuit of the equalities objectives that we published in our business plan. As well as being our way of complying with the specific duties in the Equality Act 2010, the publication of this report demonstrates our commitment to transparency, allowing an assessment of the extent to which we have complied with our equalities statement above and the legislation that underpins it.

The report provides a full overview and analysis of the diversity of NOMS staff, looking at areas such as new starters, promotions, grievances and leaving rates by race, sex, disability and age, as well as a breakdown of the results from the 2011 Staff Engagement Survey. It also provides an analysis of the diversity of the prison population and looks at offender outcomes and interventions, for example, employment and accommodation, treatment programmes, incentives and earned privileges, segregation, use of force and death.

The national data published here are aggregated from data collected in prisons and probation trusts across England and Wales. These data are used to monitor and help focus attention on areas where we need to take action to tackle unfairness locally, as well as to inform the equality impact assessments that we undertake as a way of ensuring that both national policies and local implementation are sensitive to the needs of all groups. A national report such as this cannot do full justice to the range of activity that is being undertaken across the service, but it does provide an indication of the key areas where progress has been made as well as highlighting those where further work is needed.

This report captures an important element of the performance of NOMS. Equality is at the heart of what NOMS does, because it is only when we treat staff and offenders fairly and in accordance with their needs that we are able to deliver our core business of protecting the public and reducing reoffending.

NOMS Equalities Annual Report 2011-12 (PDF 0.79mb)

Annex B - Staff data (Excel 0.58mb)

Annex C - Offenders data (Excel 0.37mb)

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