Administrative Appeals Tribunal guidance

The Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber (UT(AAC))  considers appeals against most of the decisions of the following First-tier Tribunal Chambers:

  • Social Entitlement
  • Health, Education and Social Care
  • General Regulatory
  • War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation

The table shows the kinds of cases which UT(AAC) deals with in each of the countries in the United Kingdom

UT(AAC) also considers direct appeals against decisions of:

  • The Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly the Independent Safeguarding Authority) (England and Wales), and
  • Traffic Commissioners (England, Wales and Scotland)

and appeals from decisions of the following Tribunals in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales:

•    Special Educational Needs Tribunal for Wales
•    Mental Health Review Tribunal for Wales
•    Pensions Appeal Tribunal Scotland
•    Pensions Appeal Tribunal in Northern Ireland (assessment appeals under the War Pensions Scheme only).

Most appeals against Tribunal decisions in Northern Ireland are made to the Social Security and Pensions Appeal Commissioners in Northern Ireland , not to UT(AAC).

Judicial Reviews

For England and Wales UT(AAC) considers applications for judicial review of the First-tier Tribunal in the following cases:

  • Criminal injuries compensation
  • Procedural decisions where there is no right of appeal
  • Judicial reviews may also be transferred to the UT(AAC) by the High Court in England & Wales, the Court of Session in Scotland and the High Court in Northern Ireland.

All cases in UT(AAC) are decided by judges, supported by registrars who deal with procedural matters.

The staff in UT(AAC) cannot give you legal advice.

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