Multiple Claim Bulk Upload Facility


The Employment Tribunals Service have incorporated a multiple claim facility that will enable organisations representing more than 28 claimants to export the claimants details from another database in .csv (Comma Separated Values) format and attach them to the ET1 claim form.

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How to format the file

The file you attach be in .csv format and the data within it must be in the correct order.

The ET1 claim form always contains the first claimants details the other (Multiple) claimants details should be entered in the ET1a section of the form (if there are less than 28 claimants) or attached in .csv format. The .csv data file MUST contain the following information:

  • Title

  • Forename

  • Surname

  • Date of Birth

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • Address Line 3

  • Address Line 4

  • Postcode

Each element i.e. First Name must be in its own vertical column, if you do not have the information for say Address Line 4 leave the column blank.

Please Note: The Date of Birth must be in DD/MM/YYYY format.

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As an Example

Excell table

A large number of spreadsheet and database tools will enable you to save data in .csv format e.g. Open Office and Microsoft Excel. Please read the relevant help guides for more information on how to save data in .csv format.

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Common errors to avoid when submitting a csv data file

Please review the following before saving and submitting a claim with a csv attachment.

  • The spreadsheet should not contain less or more than 9 columns of information. For example if you do not have information for Address Line 4 leave the column blank, Do not remove column:

  • The spreadsheet must provide the following information:

    • Title (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss)

    • Forename (First name)

    • Surname (Last name)

    • Address line 1 (1st line of address e.g. building name, number and street)

    • Address line 2 (2nd line of address e.g. local borough or Town/City)

    • Postcode (Full postcode e.g. PRY 3GH)

  • The form should only contain letters and numbers (AaBbCc123) other than in the Date of Birth field which must be in DD/MM/YYYY format. If a comma or speech mark is contained within the spreadsheet before saving in csv format it will corrupt the saved csv and the form cannot be submitted.

  • Do not include apostrophes and hyphens in the name or address.

  • The spreadsheet should only display information in a single row.

  • The title of the saved csv tile should only contain letters and numbers (AaBbCc123) and no spaces.

Please note that all claims submitted online are received and potentially processed quicker than those sent by post. Any claim submitted online is issued with a unique reference number which includes confirmation of date and time of submission.

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