General Regulatory Chamber

The General Regulatory Chamber (GRC) is the home for a number of rights of appeal usually against decisions of government bodies known as regulators.

Read the tribunal rules that the GRC operate under.

Please note that we do not deal with complaints against regulators. If you do have a complaint about them you need follow their own complaints procedures.

Tribunal staff cannot give you legal advice. Legal aid is not available for GRC appeals although you are entitled to be represented if you wish.

Our jurisdictions

The following are the individual jurisdictions within the General Regulatory Chamber.


This jurisdiction hears appeals against decisions of the Charity Commission. It also reviews decisions made by the Commission under the Charities Act 2011.

The tribunal also deals with certain questions of charity law referred to them by the Commission for a ruling.

The Charity Tribunal - How it works and how you can use it (link to external website)

Appeals must be submitted within 42 days of the date of the decision.

Register of current cases  (Updated 18 December 2014)

Claims management services

Hears appeals from the Claims Management Regulator.

If you want to delay the effects of the regulators’ decision you must write to the Tribunal asking that the decision be “stayed”.

Community right to bid

Hears appeals against review decisions by Local Authorities under the Localism Act 2011.

The right of appeal may be found in The Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012 Rules 11 and 17.

Consumer credit

As of 1 April 2014, the consumer credit jurisdiction will close.  Current cases will be heard but new appeals will go to HM Revenue & Customs or the Financial Conduct Authority – see your decision notice for more details.

Hears appeals against decisions of the Office of Fair Trading relating to:

  • Licensing decisions of the Office of Fair Trading made under the Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • The imposition of requirements or a civil penalty on licensees under the Consumer Credit Act 1974
  • The refusal to register, cancellation of registration, or imposition of a penalty under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007

Current cases and register of cases:

Current cases (PDF 0.18mb)

Register of Cases (PDF 0.15mb)

Copyright licensing

Hears appeals against decisions made by the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills and the Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks under:

  • The Copyright (Regulation of Relevant Licensing Bodies) Regulations 2014 
  • The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Licensing of Orphan Works) Regulations 2014

The Tribunal has no power to suspend the decision being appealed although any financial penalty is only payable after the Secretary of State’s decision is confirmed.

Electronic communications and postal services

Hears appeals against decisions made by the Interception of Communications Commissioner under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Monetary Penalty Notices and Consents for Interceptions) Regulations 2011.

Any conditions of the decision need not be complied with until the appeal is over.


Hears appeals against designation notices or stop notices for civil sanctions from the Regulator.

Rights of appeal (PDF)

Estate agents

Hears and decides appeals under the Estate Agents Act 1979. It hears appeals against decisions made by the Powys County Council Trading Standards Department relating to:

  • An order prohibiting a person from acting as an estate agent where for example a person has been convicted of an offence involving fraud or other dishonesty
  • An order warning a person where for example that person has not met their duties under the 1979 Act
  • A decision refusing to revoke or vary a prohibition order or warning order made under the 1979 Act 

Exam board

Hears appeals against penalty decisions made by Ofqual or the Welsh Government under the Education Act 1997

The requirement to pay any penalty is suspended until your appeal is decided.


Hears appeals against some of the decisions taken by these regulators:

  • Food Standards Agency 
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 
  • Local Authority Trading Standards Departments 


Hears appeals against decisions made by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005.

You will need to pay a fee using the relevant form and accompanying guidance.

Normally the effect of the decision will await conclusion of your appeal.

If the Gambling Commission directs that their decision will take immediate effect, you can ask the Tribunal to delay it.

Immigration services

Hears appeals against decisions made by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner and considers disciplinary charges brought against immigration advisors by the Commissioner.

This tribunal does not deal with immigration and asylum cases.

The Commissioner’s decision takes effect at the end of the 28 days allowed for an appeal.  If you want to delay the effect for longer, you must write to the Tribunal asking that the decision be "stayed" and explaining why.  

Information rights

Hears appeals from notices issued by the Information Commissioner under:

  • Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA)
  • The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR)
  • INSPIRE Regulations 2009 (INSPIRE)
  • Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA)
  • Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation 2003 (PECR)
  • Data Protection Monetary Penalty Regulations 2010 (DP Monetary penalties)

For certificates on grounds of national security issued by Ministers of the Crown the appeal must be transferred to the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal on receipt.

Register of cases (PDF) (Last updated 8 January 2015)

If the Commissioner has ordered a public authority to release information and an appeal is received, this will be delayed until after the tribunal’s decision.

It is sometimes necessary for the tribunal to see disputed information before deciding whether it should be disclosed. 

Practice Note - closed material in Information Rights cases (PDF)

Pensions regulation

This jurisdiction hears appeals against decisions made by the Pensions Regulator under section 44 of the Pensions Act 2008.

Appeals under section 102 of the Act are heard by the Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery)

Professional regulation

Hears appeals against:


Hears and decides appeals against decisions of the Registrar of Approved Driving Instructors. It also hears appeals for London service permits against decisions of Transport for London and resolves disputes over postal charges between universal service providers and carriers. Its jurisdiction covers England, Scotland and Wales.

Transport appeal form

You must send your appeal to us within 28 days of the date of the decision except for appeals made by trainee driving instructors which must be made within 14 days.

Appeals against decisions of the Traffic Commissioner are dealt with in the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal. For more information on these cases please see their website.


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