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You can make your claim online

If the Home Office refuses your application they will send an appeal form and guidance notes to you with their decision. You can submit an appeal to the tribunal using the appeal form or online.

For appeals to be submitted from within the United Kingdom form IAFT-1 must be completed. For appeals to be submitted from outside the United Kingdom in Entry Clearance cases form IAFT2 must be completed.  For appeals against decisions made in the United Kingdom that are appealed from outside the UK, form IAFT3 must be completed.

From 20 October 2014, the Immigration Act 2014 introduces changes to the appeal structure of the First-tier Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber (FtTIAC). Different appeal rights will apply to appellants who are challenging a decision of the Home Office to refuse a claim and who were at the time of that claim:

  1. the subject of a deportation decision made on or after 20 October 2014,
  2. an applicant (or dependant of an applicant) for Tier 4 Student status in the UK where the application to the Home Office was received by the Home Office on or after 20 October 2014.

Appellants that fall into (1) above will only be able to appeal under the revised appeal rights using Forms IAFT5 for appeals submitted from within the United Kingdom. For appeals against decisions made in the United Kingdom that are appealed from outside the UK, form IAFT7 must be completed.

Appellants that fall into (2) above will have the right to seek an Administrative Review from the Home Office. If the Administrative Review is refused a further application on new grounds will be invited. If this application is refused an appeal may be made against this refusal using form IAFT5 if the appeal can be made from within the UK and IAFT7 if the appeal can only be made from overseas.

The appropriate form will be issued with Home Office Notice of Decision.

Please Note: you must use the IAFT5 or IAFT7 provided. Online application is not yet available for these appeal forms.

All documents in other languages must be translated into English, signed by the translator to certify that the translation is accurate and the translation attached to the original document. Make copies of the completed form and all documents that support your appeal, keep the original documents and send copies with the completed form.

Please do not send any original documents to the tribunal.

Fees for Immigration Appeals

Many Immigration and Asylum appeals require a fee to be paid before they can be determined by the tribunal.

Some appeals do not require a fee to be paid. Details of these can be found in the guidance sent with your appeal form.

Where a fee needs to be paid you can pay when you appeal online or you can send your appeal form to the tribunal with your payment card information included. Information about this can be found on the appeal form.

Appeals can be submitted without a fee. If you do this you will receive instructions from the tribunal about how to make payment, including by making a payment directly into the tribunal’s bank account and the deadline for doing so. You should note that submitting an appeal without a payment will delay your appeal being considered by a judge as it will not progress until the full fee is paid.

When you submit your appeal you will need to specify whether you want your appeal to be decided at an oral hearing or on the papers provided. Your appeal fee will depend on what you select. See our Fees Guidance for further information.

Time limits for submitting an appeal

If you are in the United Kingdom:

Your appeal form must reach us not later than 14 days after you were sent the notice of the decision that you are appealing against.

If you are outside the United Kingdom:

 Your appeal form must reach us no later than 28 calendar days after;

•    you received the notice of the decision; or

•    28 calendar days after you left the United Kingdom if you were in the United Kingdom when the decision against which you are appealing was made

If your appeal does not reach us by the required date, you must explain why you were not able to submit it in time. The reasons will then be assessed to decide whether to allow your appeal to proceed.

Submitting an appeal online

You can submit your appeal to the tribunal and pay your appeal fee online if you have a right of appeal, unless you have been given an appeal form IAFT 5 or IAFT7 with your Home Office decision. To do so you must be able to pay using a Visa/MasterCard credit card or Visa debit card or be submitting an appeal which does not require a fee to be paid.

You can ask another person to pay the fee on your behalf using their payment card details, but you must be sure you have their permission before doing so.

Before starting please ensure you have a copy of the Notice of Decision from United Kingdom Border Agency as you will need to provide information contained within it. You will need to have access to a copy of the decision against which you are appealing.

Before submitting your appeal, you should refer to the section of the guidance notes 'Do I need to pay a fee for my appeal?' or on the fee guidance section of this website.

You will be able to save an appeal which you have started completing. This will only be available for up to 48 hours and you will need to make a note of the reference number. This number is for your appeal only and should not be used by others. If you are unable to pay for your appeal online, having completed an online submission, you will be able to print a copy of the appeal to send to the tribunal.

Submit an appeal online

Please note: When you have submitted your appeal online you will need to send all your supporting papers (including your Notice of Decision) to the tribunal at:

First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
PO Box 6987
United Kingdom

Fax to:0870-739-4053 (You should only fax when you need to send the documents urgently)

Where you have submitted more than one appeal online, you should ensure that you send all papers in a single envelope.

If you are not able to pay using a payment card and your appeal is not exempt from payment then you will not be able to submit your appeal online. In this case you should complete a paper copy of your appeal and send it to the tribunal. You can include details of your payment card on the appeal form in the space provided. If you cannot submit your appeal online or provide details of a payment card with the form, the tribunal will then write to you providing instructions about how to pay your fee. If you submit an appeal online containing incorrect information - including that your appeal is exempt from a fee when this is not the case; the progress of your appeal will be delayed whilst the tribunal contacts you to seek payment.

If you intend to submit a number of appeals (for members of your family for example) you will be able to make a single payment once all appeal details have been submitted. You will be asked if you wish to make another appeal upon completion of each appeal submission. You will need to complete a separate appeal form for each person.

For further information and guidance about paying a fee for your appeal, go to the Fees Guidance section.

Submitting an appeal using the paper appeal form

There is a section on the appeal form which allows you to send the tribunal your payment card details and to take a fee upon receipt of your appeal form. By doing this your appeal will progress without delay.

If you do not provide payment card details, the tribunal will write to you providing details of how to pay your fee by bank transfer into the tribunal’s account. This will delay the progress of your appeal since until payment is received your appeal will not be listed.

All paper forms should be sent to:
First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
PO Box 6987
United Kingdom

Fax for appeals submitted from:

  • within the United Kingdom – 0870-739-4053
  • outside the United Kingdom – 0870-739-5996

 Fax for general correspondence is: 0870 739 5895

Appeals lodged with the Home Office or the Entry Clearance Office

Since 19 December 2011 it has no longer been possible to lodge an appeal with the Home Office or the Entry Clearance Officer.

All appeals must be lodged with the tribunal in the United Kingdom.

Urgent appeals

If there are compelling and/or compassionate reasons which warrant your appeal being brought forward you should put your reasons in writing and send them to us.

We will arrange for your reasons and any supporting documentation to be put before a duty judge to decide if your appeal should be heard sooner than usual. It is in your interest to make sure the judge has all the documentation necessary to support your application.

For example, this could be letters from a doctor or a hospital.

You should note that your application will not be considered by a judge before you have paid your appeal fee, unless one is not required in your case.

You should address any correspondence to the President of the First-tier Tribunal clearly marked: REAH The First-Tier Tribunal to:

Office of the Duty Judge
Expedited Appeal Hearing Requests
First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
PO Box 6987
Leicester LE1 6ZX

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