Asset - Young Offender Assessment Profile

Asset is a structured assessment tool to be used by YOTs in England and Wales on all young offenders who come into contact with the criminal justice system. It aims to look at the young person's offence or offences and identify a multitude of factors or circumstances - ranging from lack of educational attainment to mental health problems - which may have contributed to such behaviour. The information gathered from Asset can be used to inform court reports so that appropriate intervention programmes can be drawn up. It will also highlight any particular needs or difficulties the young person has, so that these may also be addressed. Asset will also help to measure changes in needs and risk of reoffending over time.

Asset was last updated in in 2006. You can download the different sections in PDF format below. Hard copy replacements and files are no longer available.

  1. Contents page [49Kb PDF]
  2. Introduction [25Kb PDF]
  3. Core Profile Guidance [1.3Mb PDF]
  4. Core Profile [1.3Mb PDF]
  5. Risk of Serious Harm Guidance [1.4Mb PDF]
  6. Risk of Serious Harm [540Kb PDF]
  7. What Do You Think? Guidance [15Kb PDF]
  8. What Do You Think? [22Kb PDF]
    What Do You Think? - Welsh/Beth yw’ch barn chi? - Cymraeg [353Kb PDF]
  9. Intervention Guidance [24Kb PDF]
  10. Intervention [33Kb PDF]
  11. Final Warning Profile Guidance [26Kb PDF]
  12. Final Warning Profile [377Kb PDF]
  13. Bail Supervision and Support Profile Guidance [496Kb PDF] *
  14. Bail Supervision and Support Profile [120Kb PDF]
  15. Bail Supervision and Support Profile - Secure Remand Assesment for Males Aged 15-16[102Kb PDF] *
  16. Appendices [397Kb PDF]

Download the Asset Document Checklist. This checklist can be used by YOTs when they are completing Asset forms. It is designed to improve the information sent by YOTs to the YJB Placements and Casework Service. The 'What Do You Think?' form, which is directed at the young person, is available in both English and Welsh.

Case material examples

Case Material 2.33 MB

The case material attached above illustrates how the Key Elements of Effective Practice can be applied by practitioners in YOTs and secure settings. It contains examples of each aspect of the guidance, including issues such as using the evidence boxes and ratings in Asset, responding to contradictory information from different sources, using the 'What do YOU think?' form effectively, planning interventions, and reviewing progress in supervision.

N.B. These examples use the previous version of the Asset tool.

'Appendix 1 - Case Material 1' contains a variety of short case scenarios using extracts from Asset profiles, 'What do YOU think?' forms and intervention plans, together with comments and suggestions on how practitioners could apply these principles to their own practice.

Appendix 2 - Case Material 2' is a more in-depth study of one particular case and includes an initial Asset profile, 'What do YOU think?' form, PSR, planning and review documents and an end-of-intervention Asset. This extends and enhances the case example already given in the training pack Building on your Assets which was distributed to all YOTs.

Asset Mental Health Screening Tool

As part of the YJB's commitment to improve access to mental health services for young people within the youth justice system, the YJB commissioned the University of Manchester and Salford NHS Trust to develop a child and adolescent Mental Health Screening Tool to be attached to Asset.

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