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Guidance for youth offending teams

The YJB has produced a guidance document to give practitioners - particularly those that work within youth offending teams (YOTs) - the information they need to ensure that release and recall arrangements are managed in accordance with effective practice principles.

The National Standards for Youth Justice Services does not specifically address the release and recall process. This guidance aims to fill this gap by providing YOT practitioners and managers with a clear understanding of their responsibilities in the release and recall process, taking account of the needs and vulnerabilities of young people.

Download Release and Recall - Guidance for YOTs from our publications area.

This guidance is currently being reviewed and will be re-issued in the latter part of 2010. In the interim, please note the exisiting guidance:

  • does not include revisions to the release and recall framework arising from the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008
  • does not make reference to the powers that monitoring companies have to recommend the recall from licence of young people during a period of early release on Home Detention Curfew.
  • does not now display correct contact details for the Release and Recall Section (now known as the Public Protection Casework Section) in the key contacts section of the guidance.

If you have any query about the release and recall process for long-term sentence young people, contact the Public Protection Casework Section of the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) via the switchboard at Clive House on 0300 047 5000.

The YJB has also produced some template documents, designed to assist YOTs to manage their engagement with the release and recall process. These are listed below [all documents will open in new windows]:

The following NOMS form should be used to request a recall from the Public Protection Casework Section:

The above is a word version of the form provided at Annex E of Probation Circular 14/2008 . It is important to note that this form is designed for use with adult offenders and refers to their assessment tool OASys, rather than the youth justice assessment tool Asset. YOTs should make it clear in the supporting documentation that the recall has been requested for a young person and that any indicative rating of risk is based on Asset, rather than OASys.

YOTs can seek guidance from the Public Protection Casework Section on the completion of the form. There will be further guidance and revised documentation made available when the wider guidance is revised later in the latter part of 2010.

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