Draft Effective Practice Resource Pack

Thank you for agreeing to review this first draft of the Effective Practice Resource Pack. It has been produced specifically for use by youth justice practitioners and managers, and it is very important that it meets your needs.

What it is:  The Effective Practice Resource Pack (working title only) is part of the YJB’s response to the sector effective practice priority identified in 2011 of ‘evaluating programmes and using evidence-based methodology’. The pack provides advice and tools for practitioners and commissioners regarding the development and evaluation of programmes, both locally-developed and purchased externally, and includes links and details of relevant existing resources.

How it works:  Currently, the resource pack is split into chapters.  Each chapter has a slide pack containing advice and guidance, and a supporting materials folder which contains relevant tools and resources.  The pack has been designed to follow the ‘journey’ of programme development, monitoring and evaluation, but also to allow the chapters to be used in a ‘stand alone’ format.

The reviewing guide provides some areas that we would be grateful if you could consider when reviewing the pack.  Please return comments to benjamin.archer@yjb.gsi.gov.uk by 21 December 2012.

1. Introduction - effective practice and effective programmes (ZIP)

2. Skills and Competencies (ZIP)

3. Development and Innovation (ZIP)

4. Monitoring and evaluation (ZIP)

5. Research-proven programmes and practice (ZIP) 


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