YJB publication scheme

This model publication scheme has been prepared and approved by the Information Commissioner, and describes the kinds of information the YJB routinely makes available via this website. 

What information is available? 

Available information is grouped into seven classes; you can access it by following the links. For information listed as available on request, email enquiries@yjb.gsi.gov.uk.  

Who we are and what we do 

What are our priorities and how are we doing 
How we make decisions 
Our policies and procedures 
Lists and registers 
The services we offer
The Freedom of Information Act encourages public authorities to make as much information as possible available to the public proactively. Under the Act, we are required to adopt a publication scheme which contains information we routinely make available, and ensure that information is published in accordance with the scheme. 
Publication schemes explain what information is routinely made available to you, where and when that information is available and whether there will be a charge for the information. 

We make a significant amount of information available under our scheme. One of its benefits is that it makes information easily accessible and without charge. This means that, in many cases, the information you are looking for will already be available and there will be no need for you to make a formal request under the Act. 

How does the scheme work? Will I be charged for the information? 

Information listed in the publication scheme is available on our website and in print. You can access information: 
  1. On our website:
    When the information is available on the Ministry of Justice website, or one of our partner websites, the web address will be given and a link will be provided. There is no charge for information available on the website. 
  2. By email:
    You can email a request to including the words publication scheme in the subject heading. There is no charge for information which is provided electronically. 
  3. By post:
    If you ask for information available on our website to be provided in paper format it may be necessary to make a charge. Each case is considered separately. For example, if a large amount of photocopying is required, or if the cost of postage of a large volume of paperwork is very high.


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