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Blantyre House

Blantyre House is an adult male category 'C/D' resettlement prison. The buildings themselves are located in a country house which was taken over by the Prison Commission in 1954, having previously operated as a Fegan Home. It was a Detention Centre for young offenders before converting to a resettlement prison for long term prisoners. Amalgamated with East Sutton Park in 2007.


TN17 2NH

Tel: 01580 213200
Fax: 01580 213201

Governor: James Bourke

Operational Capacity: 122 as of 2nd January 2008

Regime: The regime at Blantyre is designed to prepare men for their eventual release. Within the first six months it is compulsory for the men to continue to build upon their education, which will include obtaining Basic Skills qualifications and taking part in courses such as healthy lifestyles, social and life skills, independent living and preparation for work. There are also a number of vocational courses on offer including IT, Dry-lining and Plastering. Once risk-assessed prisoners are allowed the opportunity to develop their education by attending external colleges to obtain further employment skills. As well as education, prisoners are able to work as cleaners, kitchen workers, orderlies etc. Those prisoners risk assessed and who are able to go out, initially take part in escorted project parties within the local community, then move on to individual community work unaccompanied. Eventually prisoners will be able to find full time paid work up to a maximum of 12 months before release.

Allocation Criteria: Blantyre House is a Category C resettlement prison and accepts:

  • prisoners with no history of arson
  • prisoners willing to participate in compliance testing (drugs and alcohol)
  • priosners with identified resettlement needs in sentence plan
  • prisoners whose resettlement address is likely to be in the South East
Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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