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The establishment regime comprises a wide range of learning and skills activities housed within a dedicated Learning Resource Centre. Most work areas within HMP Bure now offer residents opportunities to gain further qualifications as well as all residents working towards achieving level 2 English and Maths. We are currently in the process of implementing a bricklaying course.

Support services

A Listener scheme overseen by the Samaritans operates to support residents needing a peer to talk to. Residents can also access a drop-in service with the Offender Management Unit (Mon-Thur). There is a new rehabilitative culture group that comprises of staff and residents working in collaboration. This allows everyone to have a voice and for new proposals to be made, considered or implemented.

Offending behaviour programmes

HMP Bure delivers a suite of nationally accredited offending behaviour programmes (OBPs) designed specifically to meet the needs of the establishment's sex offender population. Utilising a strengths based approach all programmes adopt the new delivery model approaches outlined below. The programmes delivered at HMP Bure are:

  • Horizon
  • Kaizen
  • HSP – Healthy Sex Programme

All programmes within the New Delivery Model (NDM) :

  • Adopt a unified approach, whereby attention is paid to the individual needs of each participant rather than the type of their offending.
  • Place emphasis on the Risk, Need and Responsivity model of rehabilitation.
  • Recognise the influence of biological, psychological, and social influences on criminogenic need and subsequently incorporate techniques for strengthening an individual’s resources in these areas.
  • Aim to strengthen the intention of participants to desist by supporting the development of both human and social capitalin a manner that is personally meaningful.
  • Adopt a strengths based, future focussed approach to instil hope for the future, develop self-efficacy and to support participants to develop a non-offending identity.

Horizon – This programme is designed for adult males who have been convicted of sexual offences assessed as a medium risk of reconviction. Delivered across nine themed blocks of work, Horizon consists of 30 fixed group sessions and 2 individual sessions with an optional final individual session.

Kaizen - Designed for adult males assessed as a high risk of reoffending and with a high level of criminogenic need (dynamic risk), irrespective of the nature or type of their offending. Intended for delivery in a rolling format, Kaizen comprises a core curriculum applicable to all and is complemented by a wide range of I-Pack exercises, which can be drawn on and built up to meet specific individual needs. Kaizen participants will on average complete approximately 68 group sessions and 11 Supported Learning Sessions. The length of time in treatment is however flexible and will vary according to individual need and progress.

Healthy Sex Programme (HSP) - HSP specifically targets risk factors related to sexual interests and sexual preoccupation where significant needs are observed. HSP is delivered on a one to one basis and lasts between 12 to 20 sessions dependant on individual need. Sessions are delivered at a rate of 1 to 2 per week across 3-4 months, spanning 5 themed modules. All sessions are individualised to contain both compulsory a and tailored work on specific need throughout delivery.

The delivery of all programmes is supported by NOMS East of England Psychological Services.

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