Drake Hall Prison information

Drake Hall

During World War 2 Drake Hall was used to provide accommodation for female munitions workers.

It became a male open prison in the 1960s, but has been female since 1974. Most accommodation was re-constructed 1994/95.

In March 2009, Drake Hall was re-designated from semi-open to Closed.

Address: Eccleshall
ST21 6LQ

Tel: 01785 774100
Fax: 01785 774010

Governor: Mr Carl Hardwick

Accommodation: Accommodation houses - mostly single rooms, but some double. We also have an open unit outside the perimeter fence that has an operational capacity of 25 that gives women an opportunity to work in the local community and prepare for release.

Operational Capacity: 340

Regime:  Includes education, workshops, training courses, offender behaviour programme, farms and gardens, gym, a listener scheme, anti- bullying system and incentive and earned privilege scheme.

Special features: A facility for overnight children’s visits subject to prisoners meeting the required criteria, voluntary and paid outwork programmes, opportunity to work in a Call Centre, Halfords Academy and Greggs Academy with the possibility of employment on release.  Drake Hall also has its own branch of the Women’s Institute.

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