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HMP High Down

HMP High Down opened in 1992 and currently operates as an adult male Local Cat B prison and was built on the site of Banstead's former mental hospital.

Since 2009,  two new residential Houseblocks, a new gymnasium and an Educational Centre with 21 classrooms which offers vocational training, Personal and Social Development courses and NVQ opportunities have been added to the site. HMP High Down will be a smoke free prison from 3rd April 2018.

HMP High Down
High Down Lane


Tel: 0207 147 6300
Fax: 0207 147 6301

Governor: Sally Hill

Operational capacity: 1163 as of 1st April 2014

HMP High Down inspection report - May 2018

HMP High Down action plan - December 2018

HMIP Independent review of progress report - June 2019 (PDF)

Response to independent review of progress (PDF)

Accommodation: Originally built with four residential Houseblocks, each with three  spurs each with three landings. Each houseblock holds 181 prisoners in single and double occupancy cells.

A further two Houseblocks opened in 2009, holding 178 prisoners in single accommodation. Both Houseblocks contain some specially adapted disabled cells and a lift system.

All cells have integral sanitation; all landings have their own shower facilities and access to the PIN phone system.

Disabled access facilities: Wheelchair ramps at the main entrance, on Houseblock 1 and to the Health Care Centre exercise yard. Adapted cells on Houseblock 1 and in the Health Care Centre. Lift system in Reception and the Education Centre.

Reception criteria: Normal reception arrangements: High Down accepts prisoners from Croydon and Guildford Crown Courts and the surrounding Magistrates Courts. There are no medical restrictions.

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