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Kirkham is a category D training prison occupying the site of a former RAF technical training centre. The facility was taken over by the Home Office in the early 1960's and has been in use as a prison since 1962. With few exceptions the infrastructure and services, together with the buildings, are of World War II vintage, though prisoner accommodation is relatively new.

HMCIP inspection took place in November 2013 with all four tests of a healthy prison (safety: respect: purposeful activity: resettlement).  Kirkham is a very effective and impressive prison.  Across the range of our healthy prison tests we found outcomes to be reasonably good or better, and the prison was successfully addressing some complex needs.  Although some structures required attention, staff and managers exhibited a confidence, competence and sense of purpose that was equipping prisoners well through their transition from imprisonment to resettlement.

Address:HMP Kirkham
Freckleton Road

Tel: 01772 675 400
Fax: 01772 675 401

Governor: Dan Cooper

Operational capacity: 657

CNA: 657

Latest inspection report: HMP Kirkham - June 2018 (PDF)

Action plan: HMP Kirkham - December 2018 (PDF)

Reception criteria: Normal reception arrangements. HMP Kirkham is a CAT D establishment accepting all suitably allocated prisoners (not sex offenders) who can reasonably be trusted to serve their sentence in open conditions. Wheelchair access exists though limited healthcare cover means prisoners requiring 24 hour care are not suitable.

Accommodation: There are 24 billets (small residential units), providing living accommodation, 13 were 20 and 22 person units and two were 40 bed units with integral sanitation.  There is also a 77 bed admissions unit which is a reception and first night centre.

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