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Lindholme's learning and skills provision focuses on emplyoment opportunities and meets regional and national skills shortages. Education and training is consistent with national standards. Led by a comprehensive information, advice and guidance service, each prisoner receives an individual learning plan for the custodial period.

The following nationally accredited learning and skills programmes are available at Lindholme:

Skills for Life courses in literacy and numeracy, GCSE and A level English and Maths, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages, Information Technology from entry level to CISCO qualifications in building computers, business administration, and business start-up, media and graphic design. Reprographic and printing, visual art, NVQs in catering, bakery, hospitality, hairdressing and barbering, BICS and NVQ in industrial cleaning, construction industry training in trowel trades, plastering, painting and decorating, carpentry, plumbing, maintenance operations, and civil engineering. Fork lift training, light engineering and NVQ Railway Engineering. Horticulture and grounds maintenance training including vermiculture and waste management. Textiles, and a range of PE courses including NVQ Sport and Leisure and gym instructor awards.

Food Hygiene, Health and Safety and a variety of social and life skills courses including Family Learning, and Drug and Alcohol Awareness are also available.

HMP Lindholme provides an environment that allows prisoners to feel safe, secure and supported in all aspects of their life. To ensure a safe and decent environment is delivered, violence reduction, anti-bullying, suicide prevention, diversity and incentive and earned privileges strategies are well developed, embedded and continuously monitored for improvement to provide support for prisoners. All of the above is underpinned by an effective personal officer scheme.

HMP Lindholme is an establishment that provides a service for adult male prisoners of all ages and sentence length. Prisoners serving life sentences are resident at Lindholme having progressed successfully through their sentence. They are fully supported by lifer trained staff and a central lifer department. Prisoners at Lindholme are encouraged to participate fully in contributing to the development of the establishment and provide ideas and support through varying consultative and support meetings.

As well as providing a safe and secure environment for prisoners, HMP Lindholme provides education, practical work skill training and support programmes to help prisoners develop skills, attitudes and personal goals that will assist them to become law abiding and positive contributors to society.

Offender Management
The Offender Management Model provides an end to end approach to sentence planning and risk management. The Offender Management Team is multi disciplinary consisting of an Offender Manager (community based), Offender Supervisor, Case Administrator and key workers who deliver the interventions that are specific to each offenders needs. This new approach will aim to provide consistency, continuity, commitment and consolidation for all individuals involved with the process. Creating a three way partnership between the Probation Service, the Prison Service and the offender working together to reduce the risk of harm and re-offending.

The effective management of the Offender Management Model is underpinned with the role of the Case Administration Unit. The primary role of the Case Administrator is to provide an effective link between the Offender Manager, Offender Supervisor and Offender to support the seamless process and sharing of information. Ultimately an administration process, the Case Administrator is responsible for the allocation of offenders to Offender Supervisors, relaying appropriate information to Offender Managers in the community and to act as a liaison point to ensure timely notification, to co-ordinate sentence planning board procedures and appropriate OASys reviews. The Case Administrator is responsible for conducting key work with relation to sentence calculations, in accordance with Prison Service Policy and guidelines and initiating appropriate timely procedures relative to Parole and Revocation of licence. Parole procedures will continue to be adhered to in accordance with Prison Policy. The Case Administrator will play an integral part in monitoring that offenders transferred to this establishment do so within the 9 month catchments period, prior to the Parole Eligibility Date. This will ensure that individuals responsible for compiling reports on offenders have the necessary information and up to date knowledge, thus ensuring that offenders are properly managed through to release and ensuring that Offender Managers and Offender Supervisors are informed of report requirements in relation to these procedures.

Intervention teams at HMP Lindholme:

The CARATS team see all offenders on induction. If the offender has any history or current problems with substance misuse they will work with them on a one to one basis to address this, referring him for any suitable programmes. When the offender is nearing release they will assist and put him in touch with a DIP worker for further support when the offender returns to the community.

P-ASRO (Prisons Addressing Substance Related Offending)
All referrals for this offending behaviour course come from the CARATS team. The main aim of P-ASRO is to reduce the likelihood of further crime being committed by helping offenders to continue to avoid substance use. The programme runs for 20 sessions over a 5/6 week period, each session is 2.5 hours long. The four modules covered are Motivation to Change, the Personal Scientist, Relapse Prevention & Lifestyle Changes. P-ASRO is an accredited programme.

ETS (Enhanced Thinking Skills)
Offenders are assessed by a member of the psychology team to identify cognitive deficits and if found suitable they will attend the programme. The ETS programme consists of 1 pre-course session and 20 further sessions. The objective of the course is to look at an offenders thinking and give them new skills that can be used in custody and upon release to reduce the likelihood of them re-offending in the future and behave in a pro-social way.

Shelter is an accommodation advocacy within HMP Lindholme and will assist offenders who have housing problems, from being of 'no fixed abode' through to rent arrears or council tenancy problems.

SOVA are an employment/training advocacy within the HMP Lindholme Interventions section. The staff work with offenders giving advice and guidance. They will also look at the offender's current skills & capabilities offering career advice and options that are available to them. The staff will assist the offender in finding suitable employment or training courses for release, taking into account any skills and qualifications that have been achieved in custody.

Life Sentenced Prisoners
The chartered forensic psychologist and trainee forensic psychologists work with offenders on a one to one basis conducting assessments, parole reports and addressing their offending behaviour and rehabilitation.

During the past three years, HMP Lindholme has been recognised as a leading trainer provider in a custodial setting, and has been acknowledged by the following:

  • Winning the Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Innovation Fund – that provided a commercial standard IT Business Media suite and Hair skills salon.
  • Winning the ‘Big Difference Award' (by the North West Development Agency and Yorkshire Forward) through the development of training in the Bakery.
  • Winning the Federation of Master Builder's Award for quality training in the Construction Skill Centre.
  • Cited in the City & Guilds Broadsheet for filling the regional skills gap and providing opportunities that contribute to reducing re-offending
  • Commissioned design for the cover for the Forum for Prisoner Education annual directory.
  • Cited by the English Speaking Board as a flagship provider of their courses in prisons.
  • Second place in the 3M Award for Commercial Cleaning where there were over 500 entries.

The Lindholme learning and skills perspective has been presented to:

  • National Prison Service Land-based Industries Conference
  • National Forum for Prisoner Education Talk shop
  • Regional Prison Officer of the Year Conference
  • Learning and Skills Council Regional Learning & Skills provider event.
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