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Rochester prison was originally built in 1874 on a former military site above the Medway river. It was rebuilt in the early 20th century as the Borstal Institution taking its title from an adjacent village. Its pioneering methods in dealing with young men and boys were used as a model for the creation of other borstal institutions which were given statutory authority in 1908 and lasted until their abolition in 1983, when Rochester converted to a youth custody centre.

In 1988 it became a remand centre for the Kent courts and sentenced category C and D adult males. Further changes in role resulted in a mixed site holding immigration detainees, a resettlement unit for adult male prisoners at the end of their sentences and a remand and allocation centre for under 21 year old males.

In June 2011 Rochester became a dual purpose site catering for YO and Adult Cat C offenders.

Rochester is a non-smoking site/prison.

Address:1 Fort Road

Tel: 01634 803100
Fax: 01634 803101

Governor: Dean Gardiner

Accommodation: Single and double accommodation cells contained on a mixture of Victorian style wings and new residential units opened in 2008.

Category: YO and Adult Category C

Operational capacity: 744 as of February 2017

Reception criteria: Sentenced Young Offenders (18 to 21 years), serving determinate sentences of up to 7 years, where closed conditions are required.  Sentenced category C adult offenders who are serving determinate sentences of up 4 years. Prisoners in the last 12 months of their sentence who are serving over 4 years (adult) and 7 years (YOI) who meet the CPA 21. Lifers and IPP’s by prior agreement.

Regime: As a resettlement Prison Rochester focuses on giving opportunity to engage with learning and improve skills for employment. Rochester regime provision offers a wide range of work activity, education and vocational training opportunities and low intensity offending behavior Programmes. Vocational training opportunities include Industrial cleaning, painting & decorating, brick laying, carpentry and stone masonry construction skills, Gymnasium courses, catering, horticulture, linked to employment on release.

Contract workshop activities include light industry assembly work with integrated education opportunities to improve English, Math and team work. These qualifications are recognized by employers. Low intensive Offending behaviour courses are available, TSP - Thinking Skills programme for cognitive thinking skills and RESOLVE for those with violent offences.

These men are identified through their offender supervisor. All men are also offered finance advocacy with housing information from our partner CRC 12 weeks prior to release. Family work and parenting courses are also available from PACT.

Latest inspection report: HMP YOI Rochester - November 2017 (PDF)

Latest action plan:  HMP YOI Rochester - June 2018 (PDF)

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