Northampton Business Centre

The purpose of the Business Centre is to provide an excellent service designed around the diverse needs of our customers. We use modern, streamlined systems to facilitate the removal of repetitive staff-intensive work from local courts to a central, computer-supported office in Northampton. There are about 170 staff dealing with the work at the Business Centre, which is made up of:

County Court Business Centre (CCBC) for secure data transfer (SDT)

The CCBC issues over half of all County Court ‘specified amount’ claims by secure data transfer (SDT). There are around 185 users and we receive data files electronically each day. After processing, the case data is sent electronically to the court(s) selected by the claimant.

County Court Business Centre (CCBC)

Defences are received each day both through the post and online. Where a claim is defended it is then transferred to the appropriate local county court hearing centre. Judgment requests and requests to issue warrants of control are also received electronically.

Money Claim Online (MCOL)

Money Claim Online enables a claimant to request issue of a claim online via the Internet. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides lower volume customers with the choice of issuing their claims electronically at a time that suits them rather than manually completing forms to be issued during normal court working hours.

Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC)

The TEC acts as a registration point for local authorities which have de-criminalised on-street parking and vehicle emission charges and, for the London boroughs, registration of bus lane encroachment and congestion charging penalties. Centralised Attachment of earnings Payment System (CAPS)

Centralised Attachment of earnings Payment System (CAPS)

CAPS monitors and processes payments on all single attachment of earnings orders. There are currently over 60,000 live orders on the system. On average, CAPS receives 11,000 payments a week and all payments are processed within HM Courts & Tribunals Service guidelines so that maintenance payments can be forwarded on the following business day.

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