Information already released under FOI

Details of all the information we have released in response to Freedom of Information requests made to the Ministry of Justice and its agencies.

Please note this disclosure log only includes information released by the Ministry of Justice and its agencies, and does not cover requests made to other bodies including the Legal Services Commission, the Parole Board, the Law Commission and the Probation Service.

Requests are categorised by subject matter and are displayed alphabetically, to help you find the information you need.

Corporate services
Requests about how we run our business: our people, our money and our spend and our buildings.

Courts and tribunals
Requests about our courts and our tribunals.

Prisons and probation
Requests about our prisons and the probation service.

Justice policy
Requests about the policy work we do, including on: sentencing, legal aid, youth justice, judicial policy and family justice.

Legal aid
Requests about legal aid 

Ministry of Justice


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