Prison Service Instructions 2013

There are a number of rules, regulations and guidelines by which prisons are run. These are outlined in Prison Service Instructions (PSIs) and Prison Service Orders (PSOs).

From 1 August 2009, all Prison Service operating instructions are published as PSIs. They have a fixed expiry date. Prior to 1 August 2009, PSIs were issued to convey short term instructions or amendments to PSOs and had a maximum validity of 12 months.

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34/2013 - Staff Alcohol Policy (DOC 0.11mb)

29/2013 - Volunteer reservist policy (PDF 0.18mb)

28/2013 - Outside activities (DOC)

26/2013 - Required hours addition (DOC)

23/2013 - Prisoner retail (DOC 0.22mb)

20/2013 - Parental leave policy (PDF 0.07mb)

12/2013 - NOMS Policy On Managing Poor Performance (DOC 0.35mb)

08/2013 - The Review of Security Category – Category A / Restricted Status Prisoners (DOC 0.50mb) 

07/2013 - Occupational health (DOC 0.23mb)

04/2013 - The early removal scheme and release of foreign national prisoners (DOC 0.62mb)

03/2013 - Medical emergency response codes (DOC 0.14mb)

Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service


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