Prison or probation officer

This page is for prison and probation officers, and for those who work with restricted patients. It brings together the guidance, information and resources they need to carry out their work.

Prison officers

Prison service instructions and Prison service orders

Prison service instructions (PSIs) and Prison service orders (PSOs) set out the rules and regulations that determine how prisons are run. Both are defined and managed by HM Prison Service.

PSIs are guidelines that convey short-term instructions to prison staff. They are subject to periodic review and have a fixed expiry date. PSOs are longer-term mandatory instructions that can last for an indefinite period.

Current PSIs
Current PSOs
Prison forms

Public protection manual

The public protection manual is a series of documents that provide guidance for staff dealing with prisoners who have been assessed as presenting a risk to the public.

Public protection manual

Probation officers

Probation instructions

Probation instructions are used by the Probation Service to convey formal, significant or long-term instructions and guidance to staff.

Probation instructions

Work with mentally disordered offenders

Mentally disordered offenders are restricted patients who have been detained in hospital for treatment because they pose a threat to the community. This includes patients released into the community and those that have been transferred from prison to hospital under the Mental Health Act.

Mentally disordered offenders forms

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