Employment Tribunal guidance

Employment tribunals determine disputes between employers and employees over employment rights.

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Employment tribunals hear claims about matters to do with employment, including:

  • unfair dismissal 
  • redundancy payments and 
  • discrimination. 

We also deal with a range of claims relating to wages and other payments. You can get a full list, called a jurisdiction list, from any local tribunal office or the Employment Tribunals public enquiry line:

England & Wales: 0300 123 1024
Scotland: 0141 354 8574

If you are not sure that your claim is something that an Employment Tribunal can deal with, contact the public enquiry line or ACAS on 0300 123 1100 open from 8am to 8pmMonday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.

An Employment Tribunal is like a court but it is not as formal; for example, nobody wears a wig or gown. However, like a court it must act independently and cannot give legal advice. Almost all hearings are open to the public.

Important notices

From 6 April nearly everyone who applies to an employment tribunal should first contact Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service). Find out more about Early Conciliation with Acas.

New Presidential Guidance has been issued on the following:  

  1. Rule 21 Judgment
  2. Seeking a postponement hearing 

Further information can be found on our Rules and legislation page 

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Judicial mediation

When a person makes an Employment Tribunal claim normally the process involves a hearing and legal arguments are made with a decision (judicial determination) then being made.

The process is a formal one involving evidence being given by witnesses which is very similar to what happens in a court. Mediation provides an alternative way to resolve a dispute without going through the normal tribunal hearing process.

More information on judicial mediation

Judicial Mediation Scotland
Judicial Mediation England and Wales

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Welsh language

Our leaflets and forms are also produced in Welsh 

Special requirements

If you or anyone coming to a tribunal with you has a disability or a particular need we can make reasonable adjustments to help you use our service. You should contact the office dealing with your case about your needs as soon as possible to discuss the matter.

We can provide the following:

  • foreign language and sign language interpreters at the tribunal hearing 
  • accessible offices for people with disabilities. If necessary, we will arrange for the case to be heard elsewhere. 

If an alternative format or more accessible version of our forms and leaflets is required (e.g. a large print version or Braille copy etc) then a request should be made to the tribunal.

If you want more information about us, you should contact:

Employment Tribunals Public Enquiry line:

  • England & Wales: 0300 123 1024
  • Scotland: 0141 354 8575 

Or your local tribunal office

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