Administrative Court Listing policy

Listing cases in the Administrative Court

The following cases are currently awaiting listing in the Administrative Court. The following lists include all cases that entered the warned list and expedited warned lists prior to 10.30am on Monday which are still awaiting substantive hearings, and those cases currently awaiting oral and renewed permission hearings.


Oral application (EXCEL 0.12mb)

Renewed permission hearings (EXCEL 0.12mb)

Warned and expedited lists (EXCEL 0.13mb)

These lists are updated every Monday. Any cases that are entered into lists after 10.30 am on a Monday will appear in next week’s lists, subject to any priority listing.

Change in listing policy (London only) renewed applications for permission (PDF 0.08mb)

Agreeing dates with counsel

Where counsel has been placed on the court record, their chambers will be contacted by the Administrative Court list office in order to agree a convenient date for the hearing. Counsel’s clerks will be offered a range of dates and be given 48 hours to take up one of the dates offered. If counsel’s clerks fail to confirm an agreed date with the List Office within 48 hours the court will fix the hearing on one of the dates offered without further notice.

Where a hearing is listed in this way, a request to adjourn is unlikely to be granted unless all parties consent to the adjournment.  If such request is refused, a formal application for adjournment must be made to the court on notice to the other parties. Please note that there is a fee payable for any request for adjournment unless the request is made by consent and lodged with the court no later than 14 days before the date of the hearing.  The same procedure is followed where a claimant is in person.

Warned and Expedited Warned Lists

Whilst the Administrative Court usually gives fixed dates for hearings, there is also a need to short warn a number of cases to cover the large number of settlements that occur in the list. Parties in cases that are selected to be short warned will be notified that their case is likely to be listed from a specified date and that they may be listed at less than a day’s notice from that date.

Approximately 6 cases are short warned in any specified week. If the case is not listed during that period, a date will be fixed for the hearing in consultation with the parties.
Please note: expedited cases will usually receive a fixed date.


If there is good reason why your case should not be listed for hearing at the present time (e.g. a possible settlement is being negotiated; further directions are required etc), please notify the list office immediately on 020 7947 6655, selecting option 1.

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