Family Division

High Court Family Division

Information with regard to issuing and fees for applications should be directed to the relevant sections at the Principal Registry of the Family Division.

Clerk of the Rules

The Clerk of the Rules provides administrative support to the President of the Family Division and all of the High Court Judges within the Family Division.

The Family Division of the High Court has Jurisdiction to deal with all matrimonial matters, the Children Act 1989 and the Child Abduction and Custody Act 1985. It also deals with matters relating to Part IV Family Law Act 1996(Family Homes and Domestic Violence), Adoption Section Inheritance Act 1975 applications and Probate and Court of Protection work.

The Clerk of the Rules Telephone number is 020 7947 7161 


Listing Office

Responsible for:
  • listing High Court cases
  • preparation and distribution of the Daily Cause List
  • fixing cases through counsel's clerks, solicitors and litigants in person, and by order of the court via the:
  • Application to Clerk of the Rules for listing of a case form

Contacting the Listing Office

The List Office can be contacted to arrange a hearing or part of the hearing to be conducted by Video or Telephone link or by using the required form:
Video conferencing request for booking.

Carolyn Bowstead (Clerk of the Rules)
Telephone: 020 7947 7161

Ross Kitley (High Court Listing officer)
Telephone: 020 7947 7161

Sinead Aherne (Listing officer)
Telephone: 020 7947 7161

Administrative Office

Telephone: 020 7947 7161


Responsible for:

  • service of the court orders drawn by the Associates (these are posted out or, following arrangement with the relevant associate can be collected at the counter)
  • written correspondence relating to High Court cases
  • telephone queries
  • serving the public counter (swearing affidavits and answering general queries)
  • producing notices of hearing for High Court Cases
  • collating files for hearings in High Court
  • lodging of bundles and preparing papers for hearings.Please see:

Remi Lawal (Team Leader)
Telephone: 0207 947 7161

Associates Team Leaders and Associates

Responsible for the smooth running of the family courts and the drafting and perfecting of orders.

Urgent medical and abduction cases frequently bypass the list office and go straight to the High Court Applications Court. With these unlisted cases or ‘Without Notice Applications’ the associate is the first point of contact. Without Notice Application cases require a fee to be paid, £50 for without notice and £155 with notice applications. Please complete a Request for an urgent application form.

The required form is a Request for an urgent application form.

Any request for urgent or outstanding orders should be directed to the Associate Team Leaders.

Telephone: 0207 947 7161

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