Notice On 23 April 1999, the Lord Chief Justice, the Master of the Rolls and the Vice-Chancellor issued a notice formally making the Practice Directions that have been published to accompany the Civil Procedure Rules. A copy of that notice is enclosed, for information. 7 Practice Directions listed in that notice, not previously issued as part of this publication, are included in this supplement:

Part 2 Allocation of cases to levels of judiciary

Part 33 Civil Evidence Act

Part 34 Fees for Examiners of the Court

RSC Order 53 Application for Judicial Review

RSC Order 54 Application for writ of habeas corpus

Directors Disqualification Proceedings

Use of Welsh language in cases in the civil courts in Wales

The following new forms are included:

N243 Notice of acceptance of payment into court (Part 36)

N242A Notice of payment into court (in settlement - Part 36)

Admiralty forms: ADM1 - claim (in rem)

ADM1B Notes for claimant

ADM1C Notes for defendant

ADM2 Acknowledgement of service

ADM9 Warrant of arrest

ADM15 Claim form (limitation claim)

ADM15A Notes for claimant

ADM15B Notes for defendant

ADM16 Admission in a limitation claim

ADM16A Defence in a limitation claim

ADM16B Acknowledgement of service

Also included are amendments to existing material as follows:

Practice Directions:

Part 4
form N393 deleted
Part 8
para. B.5 amended
Part 12
form reference in para. 3(2) amended
Part 16
para. 6(3) amended
Part 21
addition of new para. 2.4A
Part 34
amendment to paras. 5.2 - 5.3, new para. 5.6, remaining paras. renumbered
Part 39
para. 5.2 replaced, new paras. 5.3 - 5.5
Part 49C
amendments to Appendix 1
Part 49F
amendments to paras. 3.1(3), 3.3, 4.2(4), 4.6 - 4.7, 6.1, 6.10 - 6.11, 8.4, 9.1(7), 16 - 20 and addition of 11 new forms


Personal Injury Protocol -
amendments to paras. 3.2, 3.4 and Annex A

The amendment to Part 34 was made on 14 May 1999 and came into immediate effect. The remaining amendments were made on 26 May 1999 and come into effect on 9 June 1999.

Ministry of Justice


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