The following Practice Direction, clarifying the position on appeals rather than introducing new procedures was made on 30 July and came into immediate effect:

RSC Order 58 - Appeals from Masters etc.

Amendments to existing material are included as follows:

Practice Directions:

Part 3
para. 7.6 replaced; para. 7.7 cross-reference amended
Part 8
footnote numbering corrected
Part 8(B)
insertions at RSC O.93, r. 23(2) in Table 1 and RSC 0.93, r. 22(3) in Table 2; para. C.2 (1) at Section C amended (stated should read started); correction in Table 3 to amend RSC 0.93, r. 22(2)(b) to r. 23(2)(b)
Part 22
new paras. 1.6, 3.6A & 3.11
Part 23
para. 6.3(b), correction of spelling of identity
Part 24
numbering of paras. relating to "THE HEARING" corrected; 4.1 and 4.2 deleted; 4.3 re-numbering 4; amendment to end of paragraph 7.3
Part 31
new para. 4.7
Part 35
new para. 4.3
Part 44
para. 4.4(2) amended
Part 48
major revision to para. 1, with re-ordering and new text; para. 2.7 deleted, para. 2.8 re-numbered
RSC Order 52\CCR Order 29 (Committal applications)
new para 2.2
Cross-reference at para. 16.8 amended

These amendments come into effect on 13 September 1999.

Ministry of Justice


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