New material included

Practice Direction

Part 53 - Defamation Claims

Amendments to existing material are included as follows:

Practice Directions:

Part 7
para. 6.1(2) replaced
Part 16
paragraphs 8 and 15 deleted; other paras re-numbered consequentially
Part 26
para. 2.1, cross reference to Costs Practice Direction amended to show Costs Practice Direction number
Part 48
paras. 2.1-2.9 replaced, remaining paras. renumbered


Costs Form 1 (N260)
text in final box amended
Costs Form 5 (N252)
text amended
Costs Form 8 (N258)
becomes 8A, text amended
Costs Form 8B (N258A)
Form newly introduced to this section
Costs Form 15 (EX80A)
second section C amended to D
Form N9C
amendments to italicised instructions
Form N252
text amended
Form N258
text amended
Form N258A
text amended
Form N242A
text amended
Form N243
text amended; instructions relating to bank details amended
Form ADM1
amended opening times

The Practice Direction supporting Part 53 (Defamation) and the amendments to Practice

Direction 16 are planned to come into effect on 28 February 2000, in line with the new and amended Civil Procedure Rules, which provide for the commencement of the remaining provisions of the Defamation Act 1996, also planned for 28 February. The Statutory Instrument containing the new Rules is due to be published in early February (it will also contain rules on other topics which will come into force in May 2000). The current procedures in Practice Direction 16, read with RSC Order 82 will continue to apply until 28 February.

All other amendments come into effect on 14 February 2000.

Ministry of Justice


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