The following new Practice Direction has been made:

Applications to the court for directions by trustees in relation to the administration of the trust.

Amendments to existing material are included as follows:


Part 6
new paragraph 6.21(2A), references to RSC Order 11 deleted
Part 10
reference to RSC Order 11 amended
Part 12
reference to RSC Order 11 amended
Part 14
reference to RSC Order 11 amended
Part 15
reference to RSC Order 11 amended
Part 16
reference to RSC Order 82 amended
Part 18
Part 37
reference to RSC Order 82 amended
Part 47
table of contents amended and new Section VIII substituted
Schedule 1, RSC Order 15
text amended

Practice Directions:

Part 2B
paras 6.1 to 6.3 deleted
Part 4
additional forms included in table
Part 8B
table 1, first item deleted
Part 47
paras 2.4(2) and 2.15(2) amended
Part 49F
paras 3.1(1), 3.1(2), 4.4, 9.1(6)c, 9.1(7)b amended
Part 49G
paras 8.3, 29.4 and 31.8 amended
Part 52
para 8.2 amended, para 4.13, 5.21, 8.4, 20.1, 21.2 replaced, para 8A.1, 15.1 (2)inserted
Insolvency Proceedings
paras 10.3 and 10.5 amended
Court of Appeal Practice Direction
RSC Order 58


Index of CPR forms
amended to include new forms
Appellant's Notice
Guidance notes on completing the appellant's notice
Important notes for respondents
Respondent's Notice
Guidance notes for completing the respondent's notice

Transitional provisions - Appeals

The following transitional provisions apply with regard to appeals:

Where a person has filed a notice of appeal or applied for permission to appeal before 2nd May 2000 -

  1. Part 52 shall not apply to the appeal to which that notice or application relates; and
  2. the rules of court relating to appeals in force immediately before 2nd May 2000 shall apply to that appeal as if they had not been revoked.

(See rule 39 of the Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2000, as amended by the Civil Procedure (Amendment No. 2) Rules 2000)

The new Practice Direction and the amendments will come into effect on 2 May 2000.

Ministry of Justice


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