Notes to Accompany January 2001 21st Monthly Supplement

Amendments to existing material are included as follows:

Practice Directions

Part 2b
para 15 deleted (Human Rights)
Part 16
existing para 2.2 becomes para 2.3, new para 2.2 inserted (The Claim Form)
Part 22
para 5 - additional words added to the end of the existing para (Penalty)
Part 30
existing para 5.1 deleted, new para 5.1 inserted
existing para 5.2 deleted, new para 5.2 inserted
existing para 5.3 deleted
existing para 5.4 deleted (Procedure for an Appeal against Order of Transfer)
Part 31
insert new para 8 (Inspection of Documents mentioned in Expert's Report)
Part 32
insert new para 27 before Annex 1 (Penalty)
Part 52
para 2A.5 (b) additional words inserted at the beginning of para (Routes of Appeal)
para 21.5(2) (a) and (b) deleted and replaced with new para 21.5(2) and 21.5(3) (Appeals from the Social Security Commissioners)
para 21.7(1) and (2) deleted and replaced with new para 21.7 (1) and (2). Para 21.7(3) remains unchanged (Appeals from Immigration Appeals Tribunal)
CCR Order 48B
New Practice Direction (Enforcement of Parking Penalties)
Welsh Devolution (Welsh language)
title and following line to PD amended, insertion after para 13(2), title after para 18.2 amended

Other Practice Directions

Insolvency Proceedings
page 25 Section 6 additional wording added to Grounds for appeal
page 31 Section 5 additional wording added to Grounds for appeal or for upholding the order
Directors Disqualification
page 21 Statement of Truth 'defendant' substituted for 'claimant'
page 24 Section C 'Pick all appropriate boxes' deleted
page 24 Section D statement of Truth 'defendant' substituted for 'claimant' and word 'claim' deleted


replace Form N150 Allocation Questionnaire

Amendments and new material come into force on 12 February 2001

Ministry of Justice


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