Amendments to existing material are included as follows:

Practice Directions

In para 5.1, sub-para (3) replaced with new text.
After para 3.6A, new para 3.6B inserted.
In para 4.5, sub-paras (1) and (2), telephone number of Royal Courts of Justice has changed. New para 6 inserted. In para 8.4 from ‘in those cases’ onwards new text has been substituted. In para 8.6, new text inserted at the end, i.e. ‘this example…’ Also, pages 7–28 replaced.
New annex 3 inserted to PD32. At the end of the PD text, but before the annexes, new para 29.1 inserted.
In Directions relating to Part 46, 2nd sentence replaced with new text.
New para 21.11 inserted.
PD 59
New forms annexed to PD as follows: Case Management Information Sheet; Standard Directions in Mercantile Courts and Pre-Trial Check List.
New Practice Direction inserted: Admiralty.

Other Practice Directions

New Practice Directions
New Practice Directions on Application for a warrant under the Competition Act 1998, together with search warrants and explanatory notes inserted at the back of the CPR.


Forms on specialist jurisdictions
New forms inserted as follows:
Part 58 Commercial Court
N1(CC) Claim form
N1C(CC) Notes for defendant
N9(CC) Acknowledgment of service
N208(CC) Claim form (Part 8)
N208C(CC) Notes for defendant
N210(CC) Acknowledgment of service (Part 8)
N211(CC) Claim form (Part 20)
N211C(CC) Notes for Part 20 defendant
N213(CC) Acknowledgment of service (Part 20)
Part 60 Technology and Construction Court Claims
TCC/CM1 Case management information sheet (Appendix A)
Appendix B Case management conference directions form
TCC/PTR1 Pre-trial review questionnaire (Appendix C)
Appendix D Pre-trial review directions form
Part 61 Admiralty Claims
ADM1 Claim form (Admiralty claim in rem)
ADM1A Claim form (Admiralty claim)
ADM1C Notes for defendant on replying to an Admiralty claim form
ADM2 Acknowledgment of service (Admiralty claim)
ADM3 Collision statement of case
ADM4 Application and undertaking for arrest and custody
ADM5 Declaration in support of application for warrant of arrest
ADM6 Notice to consular officer of intention to apply for warrant of arrest
ADM7 Request for caution against arrest
ADM9 Warrant of arrest
ADM10 Standard directions to Admiralty Marshal
ADM11 Request for caution against release
ADM12 Request and undertaking for release
ADM12A Request for withdrawal and caution against release
ADM13 Application for judgment in default
ADM14 Order for sale of a ship
ADM15 Claim form (Admiralty limitation claim)
ADM15B Notes for defendant on replying to an Admiralty limitation claim
ADM16 Notice of admission of right of claimant to limit liability
ADM16A Defence to Admiralty limitation claim
ADM16B Acknowledgment of service (Admiralty limitation claim)
ADM17 Application for restricted limitation decree
ADM17A Application for general limitation decree
ADM18 Restricted limitation decree
ADM19 General limitation decree
ADM20 Defendant’s claim in a limitation
ADM21 Declaration as to inability of a defendant to file and serve statement of case under a decree of limitation
Part 62 Arbitration
N8 Claim form (arbitration)
N8A Notes for claimant
N8B Notes for defendant
N15 Acknowledgment of service (arbitration claim)
Replacement Judgment Summons Forms
N342 Request for Judgment Summons
N344 Request for Warrant of Committal

Coming into force

All changes come into force on 25 March 2002

Ministry of Justice


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