Notes to Accompany November 2006 43rd Update

Coming into force

The Part 5 amendment below will be in force from 18th December 2006. The revocations to CCR Order 44 came into force on 18th October 2006.


The 43rd Update of the Civil Procedure Rules introduces an amendment to the rule providing access to statements of case for non-parties. The amendment provides for the rules in force immediately before 2nd October 2006 to continue to apply to statements of case filed before 2nd October 2006. For ease of reference the pre-October 2nd 2006 rules have been reproduced in the Part 5 Practice Direction in so far as they relate to statements of case. In addition we have taken the opportunity to make a minor clarificatory drafting amendment.

The 43rd Update also gives effect to the Regulatory Reform (Agricultural Tenancies) (England and Wales) Order 2006 by revoking rules 1-3 of order 44 of the Rules of the County Court.

A full list of the changes is set out below:


Part 5
New text is inserted after rule 5.4C(1)

Practice Directions

Practice Direction 5
New text is inserted after paragraph 4.5

Schedule 2

CCR Order 44
Rules 1–3 Revoked
Ministry of Justice


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