The future of family mediation – 10 March 2014

The future of family mediation – a seat for every mediator at a virtual roundtable with Simon Hughes, Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties

Justice Minister Simon Hughes will be hosting a web chat to engage directly with mediators, to listen to as many views as possible, comment, ask questions and share ideas. The topics for discussion will be:

  • What barriers are currently in place for family mediation?
  • What else could be done to promote mediation?
  • How have you promoted mediation in your local area?

At the webchat, the Minister and the family justice policy team will answer as many of your questions as they can.

Following the webchat, MoJ will open an online forum which will allow mediators to post their views over a 4-week period about what more can be done to increase the uptake of family mediation. We will make this link available at the end of the webchat.

The webchat is now closed. We aim to publish responses to the questions and comments that weren’t able to be answered in the time available. This is likely to be in broad themes rather than individual responses to every comment or question.