The Secret Millionaire goes behind bars

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Channel 4 show The Secret Millionaire this week sees benefactor Piers Linney go undercover in a prison for young offenders in Wolverhampton.

Piers investigates the controversial world of prisoner rehabilitation. Challenged by the work he sees, he delves into the personal lives of offenders and their families to see its impact first-hand and finds himself confronted by the unglamorous side of philanthropy.
'I am looking forward to the show's transmission so that I can share my journey,' he says.

'I also think my show was special for reasons that will become clear in terms of the special access we were granted.'

The show features millionaire benefactors who say goodbye to their luxury lifestyles and go undercover to find out who needs their help.

Watch The Secret Millionaire on Channel 4, Tue 10 May, 9pm


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