Structural reform plan

Date: 13 July 2010

The Structural Reform Plan is the key tool of the Coalition Government for making departments accountable for the implementation of the reforms set out in the Coalition Agreement.

Please note: The structural reform plan has now been superseded by the Ministry of Justice business plan 2011-2015

Our Structural Reform Plan outlines the key milestones and timescales for delivering the following departmental reform priorities in the run-up to Spending Review 10:

Reform of sentencing and penalties
Ensure that the justice system protects the public and reduces reoffending by introducing more effective sentencing policies and considering the use of restorative justice for adult and youth crimes.

Rehabilitation revolution
Establish an offender management system that harnesses the innovation of the private and voluntary sectors, including options for using payment by results, to cut reoffending.

Courts and Legal Aid
Reform the Legal Aid system to make it work more efficiently, whilst protecting the most vulnerable members of society. Develop Court reforms to determine how disputes should be resolved, based on principles of transparency, decentralisation and accountability.

Reform of the prison estate
Review the prison estate’s contribution to rehabilitation and reducing reoffending, developing a sustainable and cost effective prison capacity strategy as part of the Spending Review.

Civil liberties
Contribute to full programme of measures to reverse the erosion of civil liberties and to roll back state intrusion.

The contents and timetable will be subject to decisions in the autumn Spending Review, and the Government's overall priority of deficit reduction.

Structural reform plan

Ministry of Justice Structural Reform Plan (PDF 0.12mb 8 pages)

Structural Reform Plan: Monthly implementation update

Structural Reform Plan: Monthly implementation update - October 2010 (PDF 0.06mb 2 pages)

Structural Reform Plan: Monthly implementation update - September 2010 (PDF 0.10mb 2 pages)

Structural Reform Plan: Monthly implementation update - August 2010 (PDF 0.08mb 2 pages)

Structural Reform Plan: Monthly implementation update - July 2010 (PDF 0.06mb 2 pages)

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